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Under the Weather Lyrics by CORPSE: “Under the Weather is a Brand New English Song sung by CORPSE. Under the Weather Song Lyrics are also penned by CORPSE, with Music produced by Towerz and Hanz (Producer), and this brand-new music video has been released on February 3, 2023.

Under the Weather Lyrics – CORPSE

Do You Think At A Certain Point We All Just
Sink Into The Ground And
Are Never Heard From Again?
F#ck, Your Hands Are Warm
Hah, I Guess I Just Never Noticed

I Keep One In The Chamber
I Keep One For Myself
I’ll Keep One Of Your Pictures, So I’ll See You In Hell
I Just Damaged My Liver
Babe, You Think You Can Help (Help)
I Keep Going To Liquor
You Keep Wishing Me Well (Hahaha)

Would It Kill You Just To Smile?
At Least Once In A While?
Leave Your F#cking Town
Live Just In The Now

Baby, I Got A Fever
I’m Not Feeling Too Well
I’m So Under The Weather
I’m So Under Your Spell
I Got One In The Chamber
I Got One For Myself
I Got One Of Your Pictures, So I’ll See You In Hell

Do You Think It’s Gonna Be Like This Forever?
Feels Like Forever

Written by: CORPSE

Under the Weather Song Info:

Song: Under the Weather
Band/Singer: CORPSE
Lead Vocals: CORPSE
Lyrics: CORPSE
Music: Towerz & Hanz (Producer)
Music Label: CORPSE
Featuring: CORPSE
Release Date: February 3, 2023

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Under the Weather Music Video
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