The Other POV Lyrics – Khloe Rose

The Other POV Lyrics by Khloe Rose: “‎The Other POV” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Khloe Rose. The Other POV song lyrics are written by ​Khloe Rose and Alex Hope, with music produced by Alex Hope, and Simo Fre, and this brand-new music video was released on June 2, 2023.

Khloe Rose – The Other POV Lyrics

You Said You Saw Her Last Night
Somewhere Walking Down Main Street
And You Were Surprised That She’s Back In Town After Everything
Go On Pretend You’re Fine But It’s Obvious To Me
I Know That She’s The Reason Why Your Mind’s Changing

Guess It Was My Mistake, Got In The Way Of Fate
This Is The Part I Hate

I’ve Seen This Movie Once Or Twice
The Girl Regrets Losing The Guy
Who Thinks He’s Moved On, But He’s Not
Everyone Sees Through His Façade
And So She’ll Call And Ask To Meet
And You’ll Forget All About Me
’cause She Was Always Who You’d Choose
I’m Just The Other Point Of View

I Always Knew That I’d Be Second Best At Best
I Always Knew She Left A Big Gaping Hole In Your Chest
I Always Knew About The Clothes Of Hers You Kept
I Always Knew That It’d Be You Two In The End

I Guess The Joke’s On Me, Stripped Of My Dignity
Oh, What A Sad Story

I’ve Seen This Movie Once Or Twice
Someone Gets Broken In Goodbye
Everybody Else Moves Along, Don’t Even Notice That She’s Gone
If That’s My Destined Role In This Then I Already Know Who Wins
’cause She Was Always Who You’d Choose
I’m Just The Other Point Of View

I Was Never Meant To Win Your Heart
I Was Counted Out From The Very Start
Really Never Meant To Be Such An Intruder
If You Had Been Honest, I Would’ve Left Sooner
Living In A Story That’s Not Told For Me
I’m Not The Happy Ending That They Wanna See
I’m Just The Villain Built To Come Between You Two
I’m Just The Other Point Of View

Written by: ​Khloe Rose & Alex Hope

The Other POV Song Info:

Song: The Other POV
Band/Singer: Khloe Rose
Lead Vocals: Khloe Rose
Lyrics: Khloe Rose & Alex Hope
Music: Alex Hope
Music Label: Khloe Rose
Featuring: Khloe Rose
Release Date: June 2, 2023

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The Other POV Music Video

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