Stray Kids – Youtiful Lyrics

Stray Kids 5-Star (album)

Youtiful Lyrics

Youtiful is the 10th track from Stray Kids’ third full-length album “5-Star”. It will be released today at 2PM KST. STAY TUNED!


‘Cause you are
You’re perfect in my eyes (You are)
Don’t ever doubt yourself
I know that feeling, too, I’ve been inside the dark
I’ve never been so empty, hopeless (You)
But no, it isn’t true
‘Cause know that all the stars are by your side
You know, whenever there’s a chance
I will tell you that you’re amazing as you are
‘Cause when you give me a glance
I am sure that I see the universe in your eyes
Don’t you ever tell yourself that you’re not enough
I am certain that you’re truly fine
You are a miracle, miracle
You are youtiful



I’m catching up (Oh)
I’m catching up (좀만 기다려 oh)
I’m catching up (I’m catching up, uh, oh)
달려가 쫓아가 불가능해도 oh


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