NYMPHOLOGY Lyrics – Melanie Martinez

Nymphology Lyrics by Melanie Martinez: “‎Nymphology” is a Brand New English Song, from the album “Portals” sung by Melanie Martinez. Nymphology song lyrics are written by CJ Baran and Melanie Martinez, with music also produced by CJ Baran and Melanie Martinez, and this brand new music video was released on March 31, 2023.

Melanie Martinez Nymphology Lyrics

Diamonds And Rubies, The Star In All The Movies
Wears Me Out, Big Pockets
I Am Her Favorite Locket, Keeps Them Drooling
Their Semi-precious Stones Ain’t As Cold And Luxurious
Where Did I Get Refined, Get My Cuts And My Polishes?
I Am Too Many Karats For Your Budget, Ask The Jeweler
Your Boyfriend Tried Me On, Wore Me Out, Made Him Cooler
Like Moldavite Or Emeralds From Columbian Andes
It Will Be The Brightest, The Brightest Green You’ve Ever Seen
Ancient And It’s Protective, And Expensive Rarity
So Rare It Is Offensive, I Think You Will Agree

Please Wait… Nymphology full song lyrics will be updated as soon as the song will be released.

Written by: CJ Baran & Melanie Martinez

Nymphology Song Info:

Song: Nymphology
Band/Singer: Melanie Martinez
Lead Vocals: Melanie Martinez
Lyrics: CJ Baran & Melanie Martinez
Music: CJ Baran & Melanie Martinez
Music Label: Atlantic Records
Featuring: Melanie Martinez
Release Date: March 31, 2023

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Nymphology Music Video

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