My Cosmos Is Mine Lyrics – Depeche Mode

My Cosmos Is Mine Lyrics by Depeche Mode: “‎My Cosmos Is Mine” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Dave Gahan and Martin L. Gore. My Cosmos Is Mine song lyrics are written by Martin L. Gore, with music produced by James Ellis Ford and Marta Salogni, and this brand new music video was released on March 9, 2023.

Depeche Mode ‎My Cosmos Is Mine Lyrics

Don’t Play With My World
Don’t Mess With My Mind
Don’t Question My Spacetime
My Cosmos Is Mine

Don’t Toy With My Heart
Don’t Knock Down My Shrines
Don’t Alter My Headlines
My Cosmos Is Mine

No War, No War, No War, No War
No More, No More, No More, No More
No Fear, No Fear, No Fear, No Fear
Not Here, Not Here, Not Here, Not Here
No Rain, No Clouds
No Pain, No Shrouds
No Final Breaths
No Senseless Deaths
Don’t Stare At My Soul
I Swear It Is Fine
Its Borders Are Outlined
My Cosmos Is Mine

My Cosmos Is Mine

Written by: Martin L. Gore

My Cosmos Is Mine Song Info:

Song: My Cosmos Is Mine
Band/Singer: Depeche Mode
Lead Vocals: Dave Gahan & Martin L. Gore
Lyrics: Martin L. Gore
Music: James Ellis Ford & Marta Salogni
Music Label: The Busker
Featuring: Depeche Mode
Release Date: March 9, 2023

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My Cosmos Is Mine Music Video

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