CONDOMS (SIDE B) Lyrics by UPSAHL: CONDOMS (SIDE B) is a Brand New English Song, sung by UPSAHL. CONDOMS (SIDE B) Song lyrics are written by ​UPSAHL and Jonny Shorr, with music produced by Jonny Shorr, and this brand-new music video was released on April 28, 2023.


I’m Obsessed With East-Side Boys
Living On Los Feliz Boulevard
Let Them Use Me Like Their Toys
Then I Drive Myself Home In The Dark

They All Look Just Like The Rest
What A Way To Cover Up A Scar
I Fill The Space With Empty S*x
And Wrap A Billion Condoms ’round My Heart

Burying My Problems Into No-Name Lovers
Then I Act Surprised When I Get Hurt
Call It Being Lonely ’cause I Like To Suffer
Maybe I Don’t Want What I Deservе

Condoms ’round My H-
Condoms ’round My Heart

Now, F*ck It, Put It In, Don’t Get It Twisted
I Just Camе To Come Over
I Didn’t Come Over To Kick It, Understand?
Wear Hand Like A Necklace
Like A Piece Of Your Peach For Breakfast

B!tch, Is This Not What You Wanted?
You’re Lying In This Pain,
What’s Your Beef With Being Honest?
If You Don’t F*ck With Feelings,
Tell Me What The F*ck You Caught
Such A Complex You Got Getting Off

You Should Talk ’cause You Care A Little Much
(When You Ever Gonna Trust?)
I Don’t Think I’m Ready Yet
(Well, I Think You’re Just Tryna F*ck)
Nah, He Hit It From The Back
(That Way I Don’t Get Attached)
Feel It Lot, Feel It Hard
Baby, Baby, Wrap A Condom ’round My Heart

Yeah, I Keep Wrapping Condoms ’round My Heart
Yeah, I Keep Wrapping Condoms ’round My Heart
Yeah, I Keep Wrapping Condoms ’round My Heart
Yeah, I Keep Wrapping Condoms ’round My Heart

Written by: ​UPSAHL & Jonny Shorr


Band/Singer: UPSAHL
Lead Vocals: UPSAHL
Lyrics: UPSAHL & Jonny Shorr
Music: Jonny Shorr
Music Label: UPSAHL
Featuring: UPSAHL
Release Date: April 28, 2023

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CONDOMS (SIDE B) Music Video

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